• Scenatet presents
  • Interludium
  • by Jeppe Ernst
  • Passage Festival
  • August 6, 2023



Analogue is piece for camera obscura, amplified string trio and tape written by the British composer Joanna Bailie for the music- and performance ensemble SCENATET, who premiered the piece at SPOR Festival 2011.

Analogue is a music theatre work of sorts and as such it concentrates on the parallels, be they either real, possible, or imaginary, between sound and vision. The basic material for the piece comes from two field recordings that Bailie made and then manipulated electronically. All the music for the trio is derived from the electronic sound. In that sense, Analogue deals with the relationship or parallel between the “real” field recordings and the transcribed music — and the gap that exists between them.



“Eating a Man” [..] was crazy. Spor Festival 2021 did not offer tasty tapas, but went for the main course: The urge to perform spills out of the works being written today, the musicians refuse to be reduced to mediators, and the composers want to be there where it happens”

“Christensen’s music teases the attention rather than demanding it in a big forte fortissimo. Similarly, it was also clear that something important is at stake in Eating a Man. But it was liberatingly unclear whether the gaze is directed at Christensen himself as a form of cathartic self-insight or at a prejudiced and xenophobic outside world.”

Magasinet Opulens

“Tonen slogs direkt an i Christian Winther Christensens kammaropera Eating a Man. Denna hade premiär i en första version på Spor 2009 och kretsade då kring en ritual att äta en människa för att på så vis låta denna leva vidare efter sin död. Sedan dess har tonsättaren bildat familj och denna levnadssituation utgjorde i den nya versionen en utvidgad fond där en snabbuppspelning av familjens filmade vardag kring mat- och arbetsbordet ställs mot det sceniska i form av sångerskan Clara Stensgaard, mamman i familjen. Genom denna dubbelexponering skapas en sällsam reflektion kring tid, förgänglighet och kanske uppoffring för den andra eller sin nästa. Allt är tonsatt med Winther Christensens typiska subtila klanger och musikaliska motiv.”


Performers: My Hellgren (vlc), Vicky Wright (cl), Rowland Sutherland (fl), Matias Seibæk (perc), Fei Nie (pno), Kasia Ziminska (vio), Clara Stensgaard (voc)
Composer: Christian Winther Christensen
Staging and direction: Anna Berit Asp Christensen
Video: Christian Winther Christensen and Anna Berit Asp Christensen
Light design: Maria Pi Houmann
Technical Manager: Mette Hornbek Hansen
Performance images: Marc Fluri

Supported by

The Creative Europe programme of the European Union, Sounds Now, The Danish Arts Foundation, Augustinus Fonden, KODA Cultur and William Demant Fonden.